The insfrastructure section allows one to manage the sites, routes, partners and flows used by Waarp Manager.


Sites are used to group partners in a logical and arbitrary way. They must not match a physical architecture and their structure is to be defined by the administrator.

The can, however, map the physical network (LANs, VLANS, DMZ, etc.).


A route joins two sites together. Transfer can be done between two sites if and only if there exists a direct route between them, or if an indirect one can be found.

Routes are two-way. The route defined between site 1 and site 2 is the same as the route between site 2 and site 1.


Partners are all that can be the origin or the destination of a file transfer: Waarp R66 servers, clients, Waarp Gateway FTP instances, FTP servers and clients... They are grouped in sites.


A flow defines the transit of a file from one origin partner to one or more destination ones. A flow is associated to a template to define the rules associated with it.

If there are no direct routes defined between the origin and destination partners, but an indirect one can be found, the flow will be composed of several transfers, with automatic forwarding from one partner to the next until the final destination is reached.