File Watcher

Waarp R66 Clients can be run in file watcher mode. When run that way, they observe a directory (specified in its configuration file) and send all files dropped in this folder to the Waarp R66 Server specified and with the rule specified.


  1. Open a terminal and run the following command to start the client fw-client in file watcher mode:

    waarp-r66client fw-client spool
  2. Put a file named fw.file in the watched directory /var/lib/waarp/fw-client/spool. For example, use the command:

    cp /var/lib/waarp/files/test1.file /var/lib/waarp/fw-client/spool/fw.file

    The file is processed by fw-client and sent to server2. It goes the following way:

    left to right direction

rectangle "Site 1" {
   (fw-client) --> (server1)

rectangle "Site 2" {
   (server1) --> (server2)

  3. Once all transfers are done, the file is available in the “in” folder of the instance server2 (/var/lib/waarp/server2/in).