Test Use Cases

For these scenarios, the following infrastructure has been setup on the virtual machine:

left to right direction

skinparam usecase {
   BackgroundColor<< r66 >> #A9DCDF
   BorderColor<< r66 >> black

rectangle "Site 1" {
   (Waarp Manager)
   (wm-client) << R66 >>
   (fw-client) << R66 >>
   (server1) << R66 >>

rectangle "Site 2" {
   (server2) << R66 >>

rectangle "Site 3" {
   (gwftp) << R66 >>

(Waarp Manager) ..> (wm-client)
(wm-client) --> (server1)
(fw-client) --> (server1)
(server1) --> (server2)
(server2) --> (gwftp)

Two clients are defined in Site 1: wm-client, which is used by Waarp Manager to send the configuration to Waarp instances; and fw-client, which is setup to watch a directory and send to server2 all files that are written there.

A second site, Site 2, only contains a single server Waarp R66 (server2).

Finally, Site 3 simulates a DMZ. an FTP Gateway in installed there. It will also be used to handle SFTP transfers.


Waarp Gateway FTP does not support the SFTP protocol, but SFTP transfers are operated from a server Waarp R66 associated to the Gateway FTP with a couple of integration scripts.


For these use cases, a couple of stub files are available in the directory /var/lib/waarp/files.