First Steps

Log in Waarp Manager

Waarp Manager is available through a web interface accessible with a modern browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+...).

In the demo VM, you can access it with the URL http:///localhost:8080

To login, simply type in your identifier and password on the login page:


Login page

Once connected, you will be redirected to the application home page.

Default credentials are:

  • id: admin
  • password: admin


Waarp Manager interface is divided in several sections:

To setup the list of sites, routes, partners and flows;
It provides information about all transfers, done and in progress;
It provides you with some aggregated data about past transfers to analyze the transfer activity of your infrastructure;
It contains all the features needed to ensure that Waarp Manager runs well;
Deploy the configuration
It allows you to send the configuration changes to Waarp R66 and Waarp Gateway FTP instances.