The monitoring section allows you to view information about all transfers in progress or done.

Server Status

This screen shows you several informations:

  • The defined Waarp R66 server and Waarp Gateway FTP partners;
  • The state of those partners (black for OK, gray for unavailable, red if the partner has transfers in errors);
  • The site those partners belong to;
  • The number of transfers in progress and in error.

Server monitoring

Transfers In Progress

This screen shows all the current transfers and the transfers in error for the selected server (we consider transfers in error as not done: they have not reach their destination yet).


Live monitoring

Transfer Log

Waarp Manager has two different way to show the transfer log.

Flow Log

The “flow” view proposes a business view of done transfers: it regroups transfers to only show the state of global file transfers, between the origin and destination partners.

By clicking on a line of the list, one can expand the flow to see the state of all individual transfers that compose this flow.


Flow Log

Transfer Log

As for the flows, Waarp Manager offers a detailed view of all individual transfers.


Transfer log

Transfer Control

The Transfers In Progress view allows you to pause, cancel and restart transfers. The Transfer Log views allow you to restart transfers in error.

Restart Stopped and in Error Transfers

Only transfers between two R66 servers can be restarted with Waarp Manager. As Clients cannot be reached via the network, a transfer that involves a client cannot be restarted this way. This must be done from the client itself.

Stop and Cancel Transfers in Progress

Transfers whose status is “in progress” can be stopped or canceled. When actioned, the take the status (respectively) “stopped” or “canceled”.

The difference between stop and cancel is simple: canceled transfers are stopped, and the parts of the file that have already been transfered are removed (all progress is lost).

If the conditions are met, “stopped” transfers can then be restarted with Waarp Manager. Canceled transfers cannot be restarted.