Send a File to an FTP Client

Interoperability between the R66 and FTP protocols is operated by Waarp Gateway FTP.

In this scenario, a file is sent from a client Waarp R66 to the Gateway FTP, wher it can be fetched with an FTP client (Filezilla for example).

In the end, the file follows the following path:

left to right direction

rectangle "Site 1" {

rectangle "Site 2" {

rectangle "Site 3" {

:ftp-client: << user >> as ftpclient

(server1) --> (server2)
(server2) --> (gwftp)
(gwftp) <-- ftpclient


  1. Put a file named toftp.file in the “out” folder of the instance server1 (/var/lib/waarp/server1/out). For example, use the command:

    cp /var/lib/waarp/files/test1.file /var/lib/waarp/server1/out/toftp.file
  2. Start the transfer with the command:

    waarp-r66client server1 send -file toftp.file -to server2 -rule toFTP

    The file is sent to server2, which forwards it to gwftp.

    Once received, the file is moved in the directory reserved to the ftp user ftp-client (/var/lib/waarp/gwftp/ftp/ftp-client/toFTP).

  3. Open Filezilla (menu Application ‣ Internet ‣ Filezilla).

  4. In Filezilla, open a connection to the Gateway FTP. In the menu bar click on the icon connectionIcon, and choose the connection toFTP.

    Alternatively, connection parameters are:

    • Server: localhost
    • Port: 6621
    • User name: ftp-client
    • Password: ftp-client
    • Account: toFTP
  5. The file is shown in the remote file listing on the right. It is ready to be downloaded.