Waarp Gateway FTP

Waarp Gateway FTP enables interoperability between the R66 and FTP protocols: it is both an FTP server ad a R66 client.

It provides an interface to FTP clients that allows them:

  • To fetch files at their disposal;
  • To deposit files, that will be automatically forwarded to other R66 instances

To interract fully with the whole transfer infrastructure, it is associated with a server Waarp R66 with the same identifier (hostid).

Directory Used

Waarp Gateway FTP instances uses the following directories (where {hostid} is used for the identifier of the instance):

Contains the XML configuration files for the instance (and for the associated Waarp R66 Server)


Root of user directories for all FTP clients. the tree has two levels, {username}/{account}, where username is the login setup for the FTP client and {account} is one of the account setup for the user. A FTP client can only put and get files in the subtree corresponding to its login.


Waarp Gateway FTP can be started and stopped with the system service manager:

service waarp-gwftp {start|stop|status|restart} [hostid|all]

For example, the following command starts the gateway gwftp :

service waarp-gwftp start gwftp

If no instance identifier (hostid) is given, the action only affects the instances configured to be automatically started and stopped. If the keyword all is used, all the configured instances are affected.

In addition, the command waarp-gwftp can handle some operations that are specific to Waarp R66 servers. The available subcommands are :

  • initdb: Initialize the database
  • help: Show a help message

The command waarp-gwftp must be followed by the identifier of the wanted instance.

For example, the following command initialize the database of the instance gwftp :

waarp-gwftp gwftp initdb